Adult Acne, Acne & its causes & types

Acne: Adult Acne & Causes

Adult Acne is the worst..the absolute worst! Just when you thought puberty and adolescence had done their damage to your skin, a pimple comes up to remind you that it’s never going to leave you. As per the Skin Care Institute, 55% of adults these days suffer from Acne. So, if it’s any consolation, you’re […]

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Whitening & brightening skin mask

Signature Whitening Mask | Goodbye Pigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone!

BeYouPlus’ Signature Whitening Mask is specially formulated to give you a brighter & even skin tone. If pigmentation, dark spots, acne marks, tanning bother you then this Whitening Mask is the perfect solution for all your worries! It contains several natural ingredients such as: Bearberry Extract Bearberry extract is made from the leaves of the […]

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Get to know how many sessions are required for Laser hair removal for arms legs fullbody and underarms and face

Laser Hair Reduction – How many sessions are required?

#HairFreeForever Always confused about the number of sessions required for Laser Hair Reduction? Your answers are here! Laser hair reduction promised smooth, soft & hair-free skin forever. But something that lasts that long, does require a little bit of patience and investment. One of the most common questions and myths surrounding Laser Hair Reduction is […]

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