Waxing facts you need to know now!

We all love to be hair-free as it gives us the best chance to explore our fashion vision. From summer dresses to super short shorts, the fashion diva in us wants to have it all. There are many hair removal methods and one of the options that many keep it in check include waxing. However, the process is just painful and you can actually feel the hair ripped out of your skin but hey, um, yeah, duh let’s wax. Cuz’ there ain’t better option and there are no gains without pains. Gosh, you are so wrong!
It’s not just painful, but also comes with the price of ingrown hair, breakouts, redness, and rashes. Here are some other scary reasons why you need to stop waxing now-

Can anything ever be more painful?
Let’s face it, it just hurts that will cause you to curse, yell out or flinch. No matter how awesome is your salon, you are getting hot wax poured and it still feels like tiny pin pricks or never can I get used to this kind of feeling. Ouch.

The ingrown hair epidemic!
For successful waxing, the length of your hair has to be at least 1 cm else you will end up with ingrown hair.

You thought you could wear that dress?
You are sure to get redness, inflammation, itchy bumps and they can be really embarrassing if they are visible. These inflammations can also cause pimples or worse if bacteria enter the pores. And you thought you could celebrate summer.

So expensive, it is not even funny!
Women have made hair removal a lifetime chore and superfluously spend thousands of rupees every year. Waxing treatment is required usually every 3-4 weeks, which means you roughly spend around Rs 2000 every month. So, you don’t just waste enormous money, but you also spend over 150 days of your life waxing.

Double-dipping, double chances of infection!
Many times salon doubled-dip waxing to remove hair effectively, but it may lead to the transfer of molluscum contagiosum infections, which can be really worrisome.

To sum up, waxing is painful, expensive and a lifelong maintenance. And there are other things to worry about instead of just obsessing over hair removal.

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