3 brides share their experience about Laser Hair Reduction!


Every woman dreams of turning into a beautiful bride and many try Laser Hair Reduction for the first time just before going down the aisle. 

Hear about the journey of how-to-wow from these brides who chose to make their married life easy!
Newly married | Babita Kharbanda, 34

I was suggested about BeYouPlus Laser Hair Reduction by a friend just a month before my wedding. Even though I was a bit skeptical about its pros and cons, I went in for it. She was the one who convinced me as she got her legs treatment a few months back. It has definitely made my life easier. As I see other women struggling to take out time to go to the parlors for waxing, I feel blessed. I don’t have to worry about what to wear and what not to wear as since my wedding almost every day we are visiting some relative or someone is coming over. And I am always ready on time! My husband is baffled and wonders how in spite of being a woman, I get ready so quickly! You know the common notion there is.”


laser hair reduction

Bride-to-be | Sugandha Singh, 29

I am getting married in December this year and my dermatologist suggested trying laser hair reduction for my upper lip, arms, and legs. Believe me, I am surprised at the amount of time and money I save every month from going to the parlor. Getting married anyway is a huge deal, going for shopping, sending out invitations and planning take my entire day! And I cannot take the stress of going to the parlor for something appearing as often as hair growth…especially, just before I have outfit trials. It is just uncomfortable if you are going for a dress trial and you are not waxed. BeYouPlus just made a bride’s life easier. What can be a better gift?”


Bride-to-be | Ritika Chopra, 25


I have always seen my sister struggling with the coarse growth of unwanted hair she has and how she has tried different methods of waxing at home or using epilator. She takes hours to get ready whenever we go out and after a week of getting waxed, her arms and legs feel poky to touch due to the undergrowth and thick hair. I then decided to go for laser hair reduction, as I am getting married in 2 months and I don’t want to face unnecessary hassle. The stress of going to a parlor to deal with hair growth is just unnecessary, according to me. Also, I don’t want my husband to feel the same way I feel when I touch my sister’s skin…rough and harsh. Even I don’t like that feeling, it makes me uneasy and doubtful about my own skin! Laser Hair Reduction has solved it for me.”

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