3 Easy ways to get rid of dark circles!

What do your eyes say?

Let’s face it, no one wants to wake up with bagginess and dark circles under their eyes. They are just embarrassing and can make you look dull, tired and older than your age. You can get dark circles due to a number of reasons including genetics, lack of sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol, overuse of eye products, inadequate nutrition and thinning of the eye skin area. And that is how it goes.

If you want to know how to get rid of dark circles and have an everlasting fresh look, then here are some effective treatments-

Medi-facial Treatment– You will find lots of products in the market to cover up your dark circles, however, if you are looking to remove dark circles permanently, then chemical facial is your best option. It is particularly helpful if you have dark circles due to hyperpigmentation. Peel used in this process removes the dead cell layer that forms around the eyes, resulting in a fresher skin. The choice of the agent will depend according to the patient’s needs.

Laser Treatment– They improve the flaccidity that is responsible for dark circles under eyes by stimulating the collagen production. They also target chromophores, which helps improve pigment and vascular alterations.

Q-switch Treatment– You can also consider using Q-switch laser treatment due to its specific wavelength, short pulse, and low fluency. It works by breaking down pigments that cause dark circles. It also helps in new collagen formation that significantly improve the skin tone. 4-5 sessions are adequate to get satisfactory results.

Everyone at some point in their lives deals with dark circles. However, you can prevent them to a greater extent by making sure you get plenty of sleep at night, removing eye makeup before going to bed and drinking enough water.

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