5 ways in which I actually felt different after a Medi-facial!


“My doctor told me about the benefits but as soon as I tried the

first session, there were no more words, there were results!” 

As I recall my growing up years, I remember that my skin was always my most problematic zone. Acne, blemishes or pigmentation, my skin always managed to be engulfed in some or the other problem. I used to take hours getting ready for any event trying to cover up my face in layers of foundation just to hide those nasty looking acne marks.

When I reached 15 years of age, my friend’s mom who happens to be a dermatologist recommended Medi-facial for my skin. That is where I first got to know about the same. She did tell me about the benefits but as soon as I tried the first session, they were no more words, they were results! I learned, a Medi-facial is an advanced facial which helps in bringing out your latent beauty. It works on a deeper level and helps you get a clearer skin.

After undergoing the very first session, I noticed 5 major changes in my life:

1. My skin:

After the first session, Medi-Facial completely changed the appearance of my skin. There was a visible difference in my skin tone, complexion, and texture. My skin was glowing for days. The Medi-facial lightened the blemishes on my face and my face had a baby like soft and even skin.

2. My confidence:

With improved skin texture and reduction in acne scars, I felt more confident about my looks and did not shy away from functions and outings like before. I also did not apply any makeup and let my skin shine with its natural glow. I felt happy and confident!

3. My personality:

With better skin and better confidence, my overall persona has changed and I love my new appearance.

4. My reduced bills:

I don’t have to spend too much on makeup anymore and I leave my skin looking naturally beautiful most of the times. My skin complexion has also improved and my skin glows with radiance, especially after taking the sessions. Even though I still take Medi-facial sessions every now and then, it still costs me less than all the skin creams, products, experiments etc.

5. Compliments:

People fill me with compliments now and this gives me a lot of joy. People who used to suggest me ways to improve my skin earlier approach me for my secret. It is not that it is the best but it has improved so much!

Medi-facial has changed my skin and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I tell my friends all the time, why do you even go for regular facials when you can get so much more with Medi-facials?!”

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