The before and after Acne story!

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“I never thought that any doctor would have a cure for acne as I was made to believe that it’s a normal process and would clear up eventually.”, says Samridhi Saxena*, 21 years old student.

Samridhi has dealt with Acne since her teen years, read on to know how she got a clearer skin and her complete story!

My skin was not always like this. Even as I recall my teens, I get jitters thinking about my pimples. My friends used to tease me! It all started as soon as I hit puberty. My skin slowly started developing ugly pimples and acne. My skin and my nose were constantly covered with oil and I would feel, where does all this oil come from?!

Mom kept telling me that it happened to everyone in the teens and that I should follow certain precautionary measures if I wanted a clean and healthy looking skin. The usual practices like refraining from eating oily food, washing the face with a mild soap and exercising did give me relief to a certain extent. But the moment I relaxed on these measures, my skin would break out again. I never thought that any doctor would have a cure for acne as I was made to believe that it’s a normal process and would clear up eventually.

Is Acne just a phase, or much more?

In a few months, my condition grew from bad to worse. It had an adverse effect on my personality. I became sad, lost confidence and stopped attending social functions. Even if the acne would clear up, it would leave some unpleasant looking scars on my face. Over the years, though the scars had lessened, they were still visible. My life had forever been burdened by acne.

I finally visited a dermatologist last month and understood the entire procedure in detail.

This is what she made me read, here:

When the skin pores get engorged with excess oil, debris, bacteria and dead skin cells, they appear like inflamed blemishes. A swelling occurs which causes breakage in the follicle wall. A deeper breakage in the wall of the pore causes the infected debris to pour out into the surrounding tissue resulting in deeper lesions. When the skin tries to repair these lesions by forming new collagen fibers, it results in an unsmoothed and flawed repair resulting in unpleasant looking acne scars.  

My doctor started my treatment by giving topical and oral medications and suggested I take anti-acne chemical peels. The treatment has brought a drastic change to my skin, my overall appearance and my confidence. I love the change! What else shall I say now?!

*Name changed to maintain anonymity 

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