Brides and grooms say I do to Aesthetic Treatments!

aesthetic treatments

Before walking down the aisle, these aesthetic treatments are a hit!

With the growing popularity of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in India and the lifting of taboos around them, more and more to-be-brides and grooms are opting to go under the knife. Primarily to get rid of scars or permanent tattoos and in order to look flawless on their wedding day.

Pre-wedding treatments ranging from butt lifts to breast shaping and skin lightening are all the rage. We bring you the most popular cosmetic surgeries that are fast gaining ground these days to make your wedding day as magical and dazzling as you had always hoped it to be.


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• Among potential brides, breast shaping and augmentation are very popular as women with lopsided breasts want to get them into the same shape and size, whereas those with smaller breasts want to have them enlarged. Men are also increasingly opting for breast augmentation to fit the muscular, flat chested look.

• Local flap surgeries, lesion suturing, liposuction and fillers are the most common procedures that are undertaken to reduce the appearance of scars on the body.

• Laser tattoo removal is another popular treatment. Brides and grooms to-be are considering having tattoos removed that cannot be hidden by the lovely attires. Tattoos that had been made at the height of their teenage years, or maybe tattoos that were related to former lovers. The number of laser sessions for tattoo removal may depend upon the size, shape, and colour of your tattoo.

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