CoolSculpting – Make Your Body A Work Of Art

Coolsculpting for a toned body

If all of us could just eat and eat without putting on a single ounce of weight, the world would be such a happier place! There are some amongst us who are gifted with a great metabolism and a good appetite. They never end up putting on weight. And there are some of us who eat less, yet tend to put on. We struggle with weight issues every single day. We have managed to accumulate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise and won’t budge an inch. There are some great surgical and non-surgical procedures to help people who are struggling with weight loss like exilis, thermage and Cool Sculpting. Read on further to know more about Cool Sculpting.

What is Cool Sculpting?

It is a non-surgical, dynamic fat-freezing procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through exercise and diet control. The procedure enables you to not only lose weight but also have long lasting proven results. It is the only FDA approved non-surgical method of fat reduction. This innovative way of contouring the body by freezing away the body fat requires no surgery and no downtime. This procedure is taking the cosmetic industry by storm and was recently awarded ‘the best fat-reducing’ treatment by NewBeauty.

How is it done?

Cool Sculpting procedure is based on Cryolipolysis which is a proven science. It is based on the fact that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin or the surrounding tissue. In this procedure, precisely controlled cooling is delivered to gently target the fat cells underneath the skin. These fat cells get crystallized and die. Over a period of time, the body processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells, thereby contouring and sculpting your body. The controlled cooling is used only to target and kill the fat cells. The results are long term because the treated fat cells are gone for good. The untreated areas have no effect on the fat cell distribution. In this procedure, one can target and get the treatment done only on the stubborn areas, concentrating on your body contour and to look more sculpted. On the treatment day, one can expect no surgery, no needles, no pain and no downtime.

Is Cool Sculpting right for you?

Although men and women have a tendency to store fat in different areas of their body, this procedure works for both. People with excessive fat all over are not the ideal candidates for cool sculpting as it works essentially on areas which have stubborn fat. Cool Sculpting cannot be done on pregnant or lactating women, women trying to conceive, weak people, people with some kind of chronic fatigue or pain. The procedure is intended for body contouring and not weight loss.

What to ask the doctor before choosing this procedure?

After a thorough examination, your doctor would be able to tell you whether you are an ideal candidate for coolsculpting or not. It takes an hour to treat a single area with coolsculpting. Your doctor could discuss with you about the areas in your body which need coolsculpting and also the number of sessions required. You can ask about the possible side effects and also get an idea about the procedure by looking at some past photographs of patients.

A shapely and toned body

A scientific marvel, this procedure is considered a better alternative to liposuction and is gaining immense popularity, as more and more people are going for it. Everyone desires for a perfectly sculpted body. At times, even after months of working out and following a diet regime, one can’t achieve a perfectly contoured body due to some stubborn fat. Coolsculpting helps one to get the ideal body.

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