Every Dermat Agrees To These 3 Tips For Glowing Skin!


The season’s cruel signs include drying indoor heat, dipping temperatures, steamy showers and biting winds, which can suck the life right out of your skin. Costly moisturisers and cold creams are not enough to keep your skin soft and supple and give you a glowing skin throughout the winter season, it demands an upgrade to your skin care regimen as well. 

Read on to find out the best ways to soothe your dry skin in winter.


TIP #1: Oil Before You Shower!

Dr. Meenu Sethi says,
Most people do it wrong, slather the body with oil post shower! Rather, it should be done the other way round. Use body oil before taking going for a shower, around an hour before. It works in two ways; first, by applying body oil before you shower, you’re creating a barrier between your skin and the hot shower water and not letting it strip the essential oils of your skin. Second, it improves the elasticity of your skin and prevents it from being dry and itchy.

Massage oil all over your body and leave it for half an hour before taking a shower. You could also sit in the sun before you hit the shower. Take a shower in lukewarm water, if it is too cold outside, but avoid smoky hot water, as it can strip natural protective oils and this will do more harm than good. For best results, you can use Coconut or Olive oil. Avoid using baby oil as it is too light for dry skin during winter days.


TIP #2: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Dr Nirupama Parwanda speaks,
When it comes to boosting hydration of the skin, I abide by a two-step layering technique: serum, then moisturiser. Highly concentrated serums are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, I personally choose ones with fast-tracking ingredients like peptides and antioxidants. While body lotions seal in the moisture!

The water content of your skin drops as the outdoor humidity drops, which makes it really important to moisturise your skin. Go for a moisturiser that is oil based instead of water based if you have a dry skin. Moisturisers containing vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids are the best as they help to improve your skin’s elasticity. After taking a shower, pat yourself dry and apply a sufficient amount of moisturiser from head to toe. Consider applying moisturiser on your hands, face and neck hourly if your skin is super dry in winters. It will keep your skin soft and glowing.


TIP #3: Yes, Sun Protection!

Dr. Nidhi Bhatia says,
A moisturiser with SPF should do the trick, since it will also protect against seasonal skin issues like dryness and flaking. In the summer, you wouldn’t want as much of a moisturiser with your sunscreen because your skin is naturally producing more oil. You need to really protect your skin from the skin damage if you want a naturally beautiful and glowing skin!

If possible, look for a moisturiser that contains sunscreen or apply a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or more. If you stay outside for a long time, reapply it after every two hours. Make sure that you apply sunblock to your lips as well as too much sun exposure can lead to dry, cracked lips and over time can cause skin cancer. Wear quality sunglasses that offer UV protection and a hat or cap with a wide brim.

Apart from the above-mentioned, here are some more easy as well as effective tips for glowing skin!

1. Avoid steaming hot showers and overexposure to the sun
2. Reduce the sugar intake
3. Avoid over exfoliating, use lighter scrubs and extra moisturise
4. Try a homemade hydrating mask made using natural ingredients or you could also opt for sleep over mask
5. Moisturise your hands every other hour
6. Pay attention to areas like neck, around the eyes, and feet
7. Change your skin care products according to the season
8. Check the expiry date of products before using them
9. Always remember to remove makeup before going to bed, we all know that’s the thumb rule

3 Winter Special Skin Rejuvenation Treatments – by dermatologist Dr. Meenu Sethi

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