Laser Hair Reduction for Men – Everything you Wanted to Know!

Laser Hair Removal for men

Listen up boys, Laser Hair Reduction is NOT just for Women. Laser Hair Removal for Men is here to stay, and here’s why you should jump on the wagon!

Whether you’re a model or a manager, a bodybuilder or a bartender…chances are, you want to get rid of the fuzz for good. We’ve seen men struggle with razors and trimmers, trying to get rid of hair on their back, shoulders, chest, genitals, and bending their bodies in ways it was never supposed to bend! Staying groomed is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s sexy & appealing and beauty’s most high-tech hair solution can permanently reduce your hair growth, with minimal pain and no downtime.

Here are the answers to all your burning questions for Laser Hair Removal for Men

What Body Parts can be Lasered?

Here’s a simple answer..if there’s hair, it can be lasered! Your face, back, chest, legs, shoulder, knuckles, feet, genital area, all can be treated. The only thing that matters is the colour of the hair, the darker the colour of the hair, better are the results. Insufficient melanin in the hair prevents the laser from finding the follicle, which is why laser is ineffective on Grey hair.

Can beards be permanently shaped?

Yes, yes & yes! Instead of spending time in front of the mirror daily to get the perfect Virat Kohli beard or to get that sexy David Beckham stubble, go for permanent beard shaping with a Laser. A session can be as quick as a lunch break so that you don’t have to worry about waiting at the clinic for long. Most people require 6 sessions to get the desired results. You can read more about Beard Shaping Here.

Does it Hurt?

If you’ve ever gotten waxed, trust us when we say this, Laser Hair Removal is going to be a cakewalk for you. While it’s not completely painless, a lot depends on your threshold to pain as well. We always do a patch test before going ahead with the treatment, and if your pain tolerance is low, we apply a numbing cream to make the experience more pleasant and pain-free for you.

How many sessions will be required? 

The number of sessions required differs for each candidate depending on various factors such as the body part being targetted and the kind of hair growth you have. While patient A could need only 4 sessions, another patient might need 8-10 sessions. You can read more about that here.

Is it Permanent? 

Though a lot of people call it Laser Hair Removal, the correct term would be Laser Hair Reduction. Complete Hair Removal can never be guaranteed, some might be lucky enough to get it, but a majority of the patients will walk away with a permanent reduction in Hair Growth and whatever is left also will be majorly thinned.

Are there any side effects?

Many clients experience no side effects, but as with any cosmetic procedure, the risk is not zero. It’s normal to experience redness, sensitivity, or itching for 24 hours after treatment. Alert your provider if irritation lasts longer. In rare cases, there might be mild burns which can be treated with gels and cool packs.

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