Laser Hair Removal is Here to Stay – A Permanent Solution



The removal of unwanted hair on the body is an important part of every woman’s beauty care. Women dedicate a substantial amount of money and time every fortnight at beauty salons or at home to get smooth skin. Your preferred method of hair removal could be anything from waxing, shaving, epilators to hair removal creams, yet the unwanted hair is back within 10 to 20 days. Why let hair growth bother you when you have a permanent solution like Laser hair removal at hand?
Laser hair reduction has become one of the most popular and common laser procedures being performed all over the world. In this procedure, lasers are used to target the hair roots below the skin surface, reducing hair growth drastically. Different types of Lasers can be used for this procedure, some being more effective than the others, ranging from Intense Pulsed Light, ND-Yag Lasers, Diode Lasers to Alexandrite lasers. Lasers can be used to remove hair safely on all areas of the body, including underarms, face, legs, hands, back, chest abdomen and bikini line.


During this procedure, Laser or the light beam passes through the skin to the hair roots. The black pigment of your hair absorbs the laser light, gets heated up and burns the hair roots. This prevents further hair growth. Approximately 6 to 8 sessions of lasers are required, which reduces hair density by 70-80%. Once the initial hair removal is done, 1 session every year is enough to maintain it. You might experience a slight discomfort, like pin-pricks, when the laser shots are given. That’s only in the few initial sessions when the hair on your body is thick. As the hair gets finer with subsequent sessions, the pain factor keeps getting lower automatically. Cooling the skin before and after the laser shots, further makes the sessions all the more comfortable.


Although Lasers are a completely safe procedure, pregnant females and lactating mothers should avoid it. The same goes for females who are trying to conceive. Also, if you looking to get grey hair removed from your body, then this treatment is not for you, as it works only on dark coloured hair. If you plan undergoing laser hair reduction, then you should refrain from waxing and plucking the hair in between the sessions. In case the session is pending and you need to attend some important social function, gently shave it off with a razor. Postpone your session if you have an active infection on the treatment site, till it is cured. Use of sunscreens is mandatory after any laser procedure.
Laser Treatments for hair removal are completely safe and effective only when done by a qualified Dermatologist. The amount of laser given to the skin needs to be controlled correctly and only a doctor has the knowhow to perform it. Laser Hair removal is a safer and permanent solution to unwanted hair growth on your body. Move over waxing and shaving, Laser hair removal is here to stay!

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