Mister, you deserve a glowing skin! Here’s what you should try!


You may be 30 but sadly mirror suggests otherwise! The glowing skin of the 20’s is the dull, overworked skin of the 30’s. It’s almost too late when the age spots and fine lines start to appear unless you look like George Clooney.

With ageing, men may lose facial volume, making wrinkles and lines more obvious. And glowing skin a rare occurrence.

In a female-dominated cosmetic industry, men may feel left out, but that doesn’t mean that they do not have access to skin care treatment. For all you men out there wanting to improve their appearance, we have the Signature Insta Radiance Medi-facial for you.

Dr. Meenu Sethi, a renowned dermatologist explains,
Insta-Radiance Medi facial is a facial treatment that treats uneven toned and summer tan giving you a glowing skin. It uses fruit extracts and serums containing Vitamin C to exfoliate the dead skin cells and stimulate elastin and collagen production in the skin. 

To give you a heads up, we have listed below the extensive 8 step process of 
the Signature Insta Radiance Medi-facial which helps you get a glowing skin:

  1.    Cleansing –  Removing excess makeup, dirt, and oil
  2.    Exfoliation – Removing dead skin cells
  3.    Neutralising – Using anti-oxidants that maintain the depth and consistency of extracts
  4.    Extraction – Cleaning the pores and getting rid of blackheads/whiteheads
  5.    Nourishment – Providing Vitamins to give intense and deep nourishment
  6.    Hydration – Curing dryness by restoring hydration
  7.    Serum Application – Stimulating the cell repair process and rejuvenating the skin
  8.    Post-facial Protection – Preparing the skin before exposure to the sun

Apart from giving you a glowing skin, the Signature Insta Radiance Medi-facial has several benefits including:

  1.    Stress Relief, Relaxation and Rejuvenation
    Relaxation of muscles helps you handle stress. Massage in areas like muscles of face, shoulders and neck is the key to a stress-free life at home and in the workplace.
  1.    Toned Muscle
    When you workout, you don’t spend much time or any time working on the face’s muscles. A good facial will not only remove the damaged skin cells, but also tone your muscles that will make your cheekbones look more distinct and your smile more engaging. So, even though it might seem a little girlie to some orthodox men who believe facial is just for women, it actually helps them get a more masculine look.
  1.    Healthy Skin
    It is the most obvious and strongest argument in favour of facial for men. Facial gives you a healthier, clearer skin. It removes dead cells and blackheads from the skin. It might also remove the small marks and discolouration, giving you a radiant, glowing skin.

    If you are looking for more reasons, visit our page and speak to our skin experts! Signature Insta Radiance Medi-facial is a hot selling, extremely effective and very comfortable procedure. Try it today!


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