Normal Skin And Acne – Not A Rare Combination

Acne on normal skin type

We often say that people blessed with normal skin are lucky. They don’t have to worry about their skin getting too oily or too dry. Although your skin is normal, not sensitive and balanced, still you get those pesky pimples. How does that happen? Well, people with normal skin can also get acne, if proper skin care routine is not followed.

Acne on normal skin type


Teenagers, during their puberty, may get pimples due to the hormonal changes taking place in their body. For some, the relationship with whiteheads, blackheads, papule, pustule or severe acne continue even in the adult years. Dirt and dust from the environment can cause pore clogging and zits to appear. The best part of having normal skin is that it can be treated effectively.


You need to follow an appropriate skin care regime even for normal skin to prevent acne or minimize the appearance of it:

  • Treat it before it spreads – if you see few zits appearing, don’t just apply acne creams on the zits, but apply it to the whole face, excluding the eye and lip area.
  • Cleansing, toning and moisturizing – Wash the face twice a day with face wash or cleansers for normal skin type. Avoid using harsh soaps. Don’t skip on using a toner after washing your face. Moisturizing is an important step to keep your skin soft and nourished. You should use cleansers and moisturizers for acne prone, normal skin. It is better to use oil-free, non-comedogenic products to avoid clogging of pores.
  • Sun protection – Protecting the skin from sun UV rays improves the skin tone to a great extent. Opting for a good sunscreen lotion is essential.
  • Consult a dermatologist – it is always better to consult an expert to know the exact cause of the pimples. Once the reason is identified, treatment can be suggested accordingly. A dermatologist can prescribe pimple control creams or oral medication in case of severe acne.

Ways to prevent pimple on normal skin

  • Home remedies – Cooling the pimple prone area with an ice massage and toothpaste can reduce the pain in that area. Turmeric and aloe vera are known to reduce pimple marks. Home remedies are effective to prevent acne or to control mild acne. For moderate to severe acne, it is better to opt for chemical treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist.
  • Keep it clean internally and externally – even though you have normal skin which is less prone to acne, it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to binge on anything. Keep a track of the products which suit your skin type and stick to them. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to make sure you don’t get any surprise visits from the pimple population.

Maintain your lucky skin type with the right skin care regime and take precautions and appropriate treatments to keep away that awkward acne!


  • Finley Moreira

    June 27, 2017

    According to the article, it might be best to consult with a dermatologist on how to best get rid of any acne your facing. I have some acne that I can\’t seem to get rid of all that well. If a dermatologist could point me to some good acne care products that can effectively clear my skin, then I wouldn\’t mind seeing a dermatologist.

    • admin

      January 12, 2018

      Dear Reader,
      We recommend you consult a dermatologist.
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