To be or not to be Hair-free – is it still the question?


The models we see on top cover magazines, be it men or women, all of them have clean and smooth skin which is hair-free. The divas and studs of our very own Bollywood whom we admire with such vehemence have a hair-free body. So, we all understand that body hair is so NOT in today! At least not in this century. People associate the idea of hair on the body as something they have to get rid of as soon as they can, while a hair-free body is considered flawless and enhances the beauty overall. So we asked around, asked BeYouPlus customers, friends and everyone we could ask, and here is what we collected. Read on!



The question we asked all men who opted our Signature Laser Hair Reduction is
“What do you think, is body hair in or not? Do you still consider having body hair?”
And the extent to which men are aware of everything trending and especially on the body-hair topic, is very (VERY) impressive!

“When I was a young I always wanted chest hair because that is the symbol of manliness or so that’s what society has sold us since our young days. But as I grew up the trends changed and visually changed (laughs). No actors and models have chest hair these days and we all know, that’s where the trends trickle down from…” explains Rajat Gupta, a 28 years old marketeer, on why he decided to laser the hair away. He adds, “It just looks more hygienic and clean rather having so much hair on such a wide area.”

“I mean why will I want to look funny and hairy when I have the choice to look hair-free?! Because of my rigorous football practices, the friction due to chest hair is not bearable at times. Also, hair on face is so in, but not on the body! Look at Ranveer Singh or any other celebrities, they all have a clean body but thick beard. That is the trend. Isn’t it?” says Shubham Chopra, a young 20 years old Football player.




The question we asked all women is

“Can you ignore or let go hairy legs and arms? How would it feel to be hair-free forever, what do you think?” 

A beautiful energetic Sneha Singh says, “Oh definitely yes, I can let go! I can have hairy legs and arms BUT, first only in winters and second, only till the time I don’t have to wear something short or sleeveless. And this is just limited to max a week! The limitation was troubling me a lot since ever. I am almost hair-free as it is my 5th session today and it feels amazing. Again, because there are no limitations. Being hair-free means being stress-free for me.”

“One day you get your legs waxed, two days later you start having hair on your arm, then you get your arms waxed and some days later you start having hair on your bikini line, this is an endless and weary cycle and you end up spending your whole life shaving, waxing and tweezing hair out of your body. This is what I’ve been living with. I don’t know… but it will definitely feel like getting back your life on track and saving a lot of time.” confesses Antara Daswani.

Pooja Singhal, 29 years old recently married beautiful woman says, “I was suggested about laser hair removal by a friend just a month before my wedding and though I was a bit skeptical about its pros and cons, I went in for it. It has definitely made my life easier as I see other women struggling to take out time to go to the parlors for waxing. I don’t have to worry about any nasty and unwanted hair growth. I am always ready to wear a skirt or a short dress for our dinner dates and romantic nights. My husband is baffled and wonders how in spite of being a woman, I get ready so quickly!” (laughs)
“I already am hair-free I feel and I must tell you, it feels amazing!”

“Waxing used to give me lot of rashes and hence I tried Laser Hair Reduction. One thing I would tell anyone who wishes to get Laser Hair Reduction is that it is not painful and expensive like most of us think. Being hair free for me means absolutely away from chip-chip and Laser Hair Reduction is exactly that!” adds a Gunjan Mehra, a 36 years old happy BeYouPlus customer.


We are sure you can relate to this! So, what is your opinion? Let us know your thoughts, views and experiences in the comments below.

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