Waxing Vs Laser – The Ultimate Hair Off


We all love summers as it gives us the best chance to explore our fashion style and adorned colours. From short dresses to bloomy pants, we can give a try to all of our favourite attires during the summer season. But this season also puts us in the high visibility norms and to wear that favourite dress, we would need to be back into the hair removal tedious work. It is indeed a concern which freaks out almost all the ladies out there whenever they are planning for that upcoming party. There are many options available for hair removal which are categorized into temporary and permanent solutions. Some of the most popular forms of temporary hair removal include waxing, shaving, tweezing and hair removal creams. Permanent hair removal process includes laser and electrolysis. Some prefer temporary and some prefer permanent, reasons could vary from numerous myths to economical.


Waxing can give you relief for a few weeks. In laser treatment, you would never ever have to fear about hair on your upper lip, legs, or bikini area ever again. Sounds like a fantasy? It is undeniably true and you can get by with a touch up every five-six months to a year. As cited, waxing is a temporary solution and you will need a treatment every time new hair grows back. In laser treatment, women undergo around six to seven sessions and men a little more than that to ensure that hair reduction or elimination is as enduring as possible.


You might find waxing easy and comfortable, but it can give serious blots to your skin. This procedure can ruin the channel that leads your hair from the roots to the surface of your skin while pulling the hair follicle out of your root. Due to this, it can cause a permanent ingrown hair, which in severe cases can also become infected. Laser treatment essentially gets rid of ingrown hair whereas waxing doesn’t.


You are sure to get redness, inflammation, itchy bumps after waxing and they are really embarrassing, especially if they are visible. These inflammations can also cause pimples or worse magnitudes if bacteria enter the pores. Bumps after shaving are called folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicle. Laser hair removal process is incredibly safe and will irrefutably save you from embarrassment you face after every few weeks due to waxing.


Remember cancelling an instant date plan just because you didn’t have time to wax? Well, we have all been there and understand your pain. Ditch that traditional weekly exercise of waxing and opt for laser hair removal for a permanent solution to this burden. Laser significantly lessens the amount of hair during a single practice and patients are fortified for few more sittings to achieve great results. You surely won’t miss that date, though!


Although you might find laser treatment much costlier when compared to waxing treatment, it is indeed an investment for the future. You are only paying for the course of a few sessions and not for the rest of your life. Just think that you will never have to wax again ever in your life, forget about the razor. You are ready to go anywhere you want to, wearing anything you feel like without having to worry about the hair tiff.

Conclusion is:

Laser treatment is very safe as it is administered by highly trained and qualified medicos. Side effects are almost negligible and offer everlasting results, appropriate to almost all skin types and almost all body areas. There is no pain during this procedure as the laser is fortified with a cooling device, making the process almost trouble-free. Laser hair removal is not just for women either and many men are going for this procedure to thin out back hair or thick chest instead of eradicating hair entirely.



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