Why I stopped concealing my Dark Circles

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BeYouPlus Guest Blog
by Tanvi Taneja Bajaj

I’ve been a fighting a losing battle of sorts with my skin concerns for the past 15 years. With puberty came acne, with acne came acne marks and despite everyone telling me that it’s just for a few years, my acne found a best friend in me. It’s like that clingy boyfriend who just doesn’t want to let you go, who has to see you once a week. But I made my peace with it, eventually. I found a way to work with my acne and wear my acne scars as a badge of honour/pride (here’s looking at all you women who not only bleed every month but get 2 pimples as well to tell the world about it).

And then as soon as I crossed the 25 mark, my acne brought another friend to the party – Dark Circles & Eye Bags, because..why not! As if ageing and itching towards 30 weren’t stressful enough already, I had a part of three going on ON my face.

So began my journey of discovering concealers and high coverage foundations, because if Kareena can have a baby and work 20 hours without dark circles, why can’t you? Yay peer pressure!

But finally, this year I ditched my concealers and decided to embrace my dark circles like I had my acne & its telltale marks. The concealer had just started looking unnatural and I found that it was okay to go ‘au naturale’, it was okay to have a little darkness around the eye, I still looked nice! The issue was more with me stressing over my dark circles, people didn’t really notice.

Also, what changed my life was this one treatment that I got done at the insistence of my friend. Now I had slight under-eye darkness and bags but my friend had panda-esque dark circles which she just couldn’t deal with. She discovered this Under Eye Brightening Treatment by BeYouPlus which uses these Fruit Extract peels to reduce your dark circles, and boy does it work! After seeing the results on her, I also decided to try it out and thank god I did.

What I love about this treatment is that it doesn’t claim to REMOVE your dark circles, it reduces them gradually, giving a completely natural experience. So while I still have my beloved dark circles, this treatment has managed to reduce their appearance slightly, while giving me a brighter yet natural look.

So girls, if you’ve embraced your beautiful imperfections like I have, head over to BeYouPlus to try this treatment and enhance your natural beauty.

You can check it out here: Under Eye Brightening Treatment  Or book it here

— Tanvi Taneja Bajaj
An avid reader, writer, marketer and traveller!


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