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Hair Loss Treatment - Mild


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Hair loss mild treatment is indicated for hairfall less than 100 hair a day which has started in the past 1 month.Common causes of hairfall are irregular and unhealthy diet, any recent illness, change in weather and water conditions and usage of certain hair care products.
Is this treatment right for me


Hair loss treatment - Mild is a combination of 8 sessions of Low Level laser therapy (LLLT) that helps in improving the blood flow to the hair roots and 8 sessions of Mesotherapy, in which we administer a medicated cocktail of multiviatims required for hair growth with the help of microneedles. These sessions are done alternately and will be done twice a week for a period of 2months.


No Downtime associated with this procedure. The person can resume to normal life right after the treatment.

pain factor

LLLT is also known as a cold laser and it is a absolutely painless and a comfortable procedure. Mesotherapy is done by microneedles, which give a slight pricking sensation which is completely bearable.

What to expect

Reduction in hair fall & improvement in hair growth. This treatment also prevents hair thining and hair loss.

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