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Nail Fungus Removal


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If nail fungal infection is neglected, the nails tend to become brittle and discoloured, which doesn’t give a good cosmetic appearance. They tend to press against shoes, causing pain and irritation. The laser beams used in Q-Switched Nd Yag procedure penetrate the nail tissue and disrupt the fungus enough to kill them. This helps cure the infected toenails and fingernails.
Is this treatment right for me

Avoid if:

• You have active infection or bruises at the treatment site.

• You are pregnant.


Q-Switched Nd Yag laser beams penetrate the nail tissue and disrupt the fungus enough to kill them.


Person can resume normal life immediately post treatment. So we call them lunch time procedures.

pain factor

Mild pain or discomfort may be felt during the procedure which is totally tolerable by anyone.

What to expect

Once the required number of sessions are done, one can expect infection-free and clean nails.

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