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Skin Rejuvenation - Dermaroller


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Dermaroller stimulates the skin to form new collagen/building blocks. As new collagen gets formed, it gradually fills up the depressed scar from beneath, giving a smoother skin from above.
Is this treatment right for me

Avoid if:

• You have bruises or active infection at the treatment site.

• You have undergone waxing or laser treatment within the last 15 days.


Dermaroller is a small device, which is run over the skin multiple number of times to create microchannels in the skin, stimulating the skin cells.


Mild redness and swelling would remain on the skin for next 48 hours post every session, which then go off completely.

pain factor

Anesthetic/numbing cream is applied an hour before the procedure, making the procedure pretty comfortable.

What to expect

Gradual reduction in acne scars and rejuvented skin with subsequent sessions. Upto 70% reduction in the appearance of scars can be expected. No technology can erase it by 100%.

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